Improving Outcomes.
Lowering Costs.

Generating shared savings and delivering positive outcomes to critically ill patients are core to our mission. Kindred Hospitals is the LTACH partner of choice for health plans, ACOs and other value-based networks across the country.

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Role of an LTACH in an ACO

“It’s important to have a partner on the post-acute, LTAC hospital side who really understands how to operate efficiently and provide good, quality care and to keep the costs down across the full continuum.”

See the important role LTAC hospitals can play in caring for an ACO’s most critically ill patients.

Silver State ACO Case Study

“Along with Kindred Hospitals and our other managing partner, the Silver State ACO does have a long, bright future”

See how Kindred Hospitals has helped deliver over $70 million in shared savings with three times the average LTACH utilization.

What Is a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital?

“As an acute-care hospital, our costs per day are 25-35% lower than traditional hospitals.”

We specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of critically ill patients requiring continued intensive care. Learn about the benefits of daily physician oversight and ICU/CCU-level staffing in LTACHs.


Ventilator Ween Rates Improved to 67% with a 30-day readmission rate of 8.6%.

Disease Specific Certification

Our AfterCare Program: A nurse will follow up 24-48 Hours Post-Discharge, and One Week Post-Discharge, and Two Weeks Post-Discharge and 30 Days Post-Discharge.

Help your ACO or Health Plan prepare for the future and succeed with the latest trends, research and findings in the industry.

3 Keys to a Successful ACO: Your Cheat Sheet

ACOs need partners who can support these keys. Learn how post-acute care and LTACHs can help ACOs thrive.

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Is Your ACO Prepared to Care for the Chronically Ill?

20% of health expenditures come from the top 1% of the sickest patients. See how Kindred LTACHs can assist ACOs in the identification and care management of these high-risk patients.

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Improve outcomes and control costs with the right care setting for the critically ill.

See how LTACHs can help reduce costs, reduce rehospitalizations and improve patient outcomes for the critically ill.

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Contact our team to learn how Kindred can help your ACO achieve savings and improve outcomes.

Saleem Alinur
Saleem Alinur
Vice President
Managed Care
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee
Vice President
Managed Care