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Kindred Hospitals, a nationwide network of long-term acute care hospitals, specializes in providing continued acute care and rehabilitation to medically complex patients after a hospital stay. Our unique care offerings include:

Joint Commission Certifications

Kindred Hospitals are pursuing certifications in Sepsis and Respiratory Failure in all locations. These certifications ensure that Kindred’s programs meet clinical standards and that patients receive consistent, quality care.


Our skilled AfterCare teams contact patients at 2, 7, 14 and 31 days post-discharge to provide education and support as patients recover. Patients are also able to access registered nurses 24/7 within the first 30 days after leaving Kindred. AfterCare helps patients reach their full potential and reduces the risk of readmission.

Highly Trained Staff

Our clinical staff includes physicians; nurses; respiratory therapists; physical, speech and occupational therapists; medical technicians; and dietitians. Our clinicians receive continued education and training specifically designed to meet the needs of medically complex patients.

Move Early Program

Our program aims to incorporate movement as early as is safe and possible into the recovery plan for patients, including those on mechanical ventilation. The goal of this program is to combat the negative side effects of immobility and support the healing process.

Interdisciplinary Care Team Bedside Rounds

Kindred Hospitals’ interdisciplinary care teams of physicians, ICU-level nurses, respiratory therapists, and rehabilitation specialists go above and beyond by including the patient and family in the team. They gather at the patient’s bedside daily to discuss patient and family goals, milestones, and progress, and to provide education and answer questions – improving patient and family experience and outcomes.

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By Dr. Dean French, MD, CPPS