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Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


Staying positive, Fredda made a sharp turn in her recovery with motivation from her family and staff.

Fredda enjoyed walking her dogs and making beaded jewelry at home before she suffered an acute respiratory failure and admitted to a local hospital.

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“I am very excited to return home.”

Toby was on the job working when he had difficulties breathing and was admitted to a general hospital in Albuquerque for an acute respiratory failure.

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Kelly was working actively as an extra in movies prior to having difficulties breathing in which he was admitted to the general hospital in Albuquerque.

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Mark's journey began when he visited a local clinic due to feeling unwell.

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“We can’t wait to get him home so he can see all his kids and family in person.”

Donnell came to Kindred Hospital Albuquerque after a long stay at an acute care facility where he was treated for multiple serious medical complications.

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“I pushed myself to my limits and I walked out of the hospital on my own.”

Krystal is a devoted mother to four children who loves spending time with her family and watching her kids play sports.

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On The Road To Recovery And Close To Going Home Again

Just two years ago, Kathy was independent and able to walk normally. She had previously worked as a pharmacy clerk and lived at home with her husband and family. Sadly, Kathy suffers from progressive disabling multiple sclerosis and began to have re-occurring falls that stemmed from a gradual loss of sensation in her hips and legs.

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