Types of Care - Ventilator Care
Types of Care - Ventilator Care

Pulmonary Center of Excellence

Kindred Hospital Baldwin Park launched our Pulmonary Center of Excellence in March 2016.  The program was created to enhance our core value as the premier Transitional Hospital for Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  

Our goal is to create a multidiscipline synergy that takes advantage of the expertise of our pulmonologists, surgeons, and critical care specialist collaborating with physicians in other specialties to provide the best care for all respiratory conditions. 

Our healthcare team also includes care managers, clinical nurse specialists, clinical social workers, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, physical therapists, respiratory care practitioners, Registered Nurses, and registered pulmonary function technologists. Our nurse navigator provides you with individualized attention and support, and coordinates their transition of pulmonary care from Kindred Hospital to the next level of care such as home with Kindred Home Health or to a skilled nursing, or sub-acute facility.

Pulmonary Center of Excellence Program Specifics:

  • Evidence-based pulmonary pathway (weaning statistics, discharge dispositions)
  • Strong level of training for healthcare team (therapists and nurse navigators)
  • Physician-led critical care program
  • Planned De-cannulation
  • Strong cardiology component
  • Support programs post discharge
  • State-of-the-art respiratory modules 
  • Affiliation agreement with the Pulmonary Programs/Groups at the Diagnostic Hospitals (STAC)
  • Establish a Pulmonary Collation inviting pulmonary leaders in the community for quarterly discussions on this program and our outcomes    

Kindred Hospital Baldwin Park’s Pulmonary Center of Excellence program is committed to enhancing its ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations and broadening its base in pulmonary medicine.