Transitional Care Hospitals
Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


“My caregivers are my angels and I am very blessed.”

Julie was re-admitted to Kindred Hospital Clear Lake after she had been discharged to a rehab facility. Her pulmonary status had worsened and was placed on a ventilator again; Julie also developed a pressure wound from prolonged bed rest, which required advanced wound care.

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“The care I received here at Kindred Clear Lake gave me a sense of family.”

Robert is a retired police officer who is very active in his community and his church. After suffering with back pain for many years, the discomfort became unbearable and he had to be admitted to an acute care facility.

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“I am so glad I had therapists and caregivers who pushed me to succeed!”

Thomas was working full time and lived at home with his wife until he started to have difficulty breathing and began to feel extreme muscle weakness and anxiety.

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Kindred helped Paula return home.

Paula lived at home and enjoyed spending time with her daughters until she began to experience abdominal pain when she developed an abnormal intestinal wound.

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“I am very grateful for the effort your team of therapists put forth.”

After Allison experienced a severe brain hemorrhage she was first admitted to a general hospital and then transferred to Kindred Hospital Clear Lake for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

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“I can’t believe I’m getting close to being able to leave Kindred and go home!”

Alberta was admitted to a general hospital when she developed shortness of breath and was diagnosed with COVID-19.

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“Kindred is an excellent hospital with excellent staff.”

When Garlen developed difficulty breathing and severe stomach pain he was admitted to an acute care facility and diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia.

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A "Miracle" Recovery

George was seriously injured in an explosion that riddled his body with shrapnel and resulted in the breaking of nine bones. With the help of therapists, nurses and physicians at Kindred -- as well as his love of music -- George recovered to the fullest extent.

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Recovery with the Help of EKSO

Against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic, as his loved ones watched from outside, Craig, a patient at Kindred Hospital Clear Lake, gained strength and confidence as he recovered with the help of an exoskeleton developed by EKSO Bionics.

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“My advice to anyone going through this is to just stay with the program.”

When Richard began having trouble breathing he had to go to a general hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

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“I am so blessed to have had all the help I got here at Kindred.”

Maria was brought to Kindred Hospital Clear Lake after spending over a month at an acute care facility where she had been admitted for pulmonary failure and pneumonia due to COVID-19.

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I can’t thank everyone at Kindred enough.

Millie lives at home with her two children and worked full-time until she started feeling sick and developed respiratory distress and low blood oxygen levels. When she was admitted to a hospital she was diagnosed with COVID-19, and as her breathing became worse she had to be placed on a ventilator.  She remained at the facility until she was able to be taken off the ventilator and was transferred to Kindred Hospital Clear Lake for continued respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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