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Our hospital has a lot to offer you and your loved one on the journey to improved health. Please check out our virtual tour, photo gallery and more to get a better understanding of where you and your loved one will be during the stay. If you have any questions about visitation that is not mentioned in the Visitor Information section, please be sure to give us a call!

Virtual Tour

Kindred Hospital Dallas Central is excited to offer this virtual tour of our building.

Photo Gallery

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Visitor Information

General Visiting Hours are unrestricted, unless limited by the care team for medical necessity.

We encourage family and friends to visit as you are welcome in most areas of the hospital during open visiting hours; including supervised, well-behaved children. Due to the medical complexities of our patients, we ask that children under the age six refrain from visiting, except in extenuating circumstances. We also ask that people with infections not visit while symptomatic (such as a cough) and those guests with loved ones in isolation take extra precautions – such as thorough hand washing and proper attire, which our nursing staff can help you understand.

It is recommended that only two persons visit at a time and please remember that the house supervisor may recommend limited visitation for the best possible recovery of your loved one. Additionally, some of our units have special visiting hours because of the critical nature of the care being given.

If your loved one is receiving care in our Intensive Care Unit, we recommend immediate family only. If a large group does wish to visit, we ask you limit the number of guests in the room at one time and to please take advantage of our waiting areas as needed.


While visitor parking at our hospital is free of charge. We have designated a few spaces for specific personnel and our security staff is available to escort you to your vehicle - just dial the operator and ask for an escort.


Public restrooms are located throughout our hospital; restrooms within your loved ones room is for their use only.

Overnight Stays

One family member may stay overnight if the patient has a private room; please speak with the nurse to request a chair/cot.

Meal Opportunities

Nutrition plays an important role in your loved one’s recovery, so they will be receiving a balanced meal specific to their needs. If you would like to share a meal in our hospital, please speak to the nurse on duty to request a guest tray. There may be a nominal charge and we ask for two hours of advance noticed when possible. Vending machines are accessible 24 hours a day on the basement level.