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Success Stories

Thomas M

“I am thankful for the care you gave me – my experience here at Kindred has been really good overall.”

Thomas has been battling a chronic heart condition for several years and recently had to be admitted to an acute care facility after he developed a serious infection in his left foot.

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Thomas K

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who cared for me.”

When Thomas began to experience difficulty breathing he had to be admitted to an acute care facility where he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

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“The team here was wonderful.”

Lisa developed a fever and dry cough and started to have difficulty breathing.

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“We are very happy with the service and care at Kindred and Juan’s outcomes.”

Juan was driving his car when he began to feel numbness and weakness in the left side of his body.

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“Thank you all for everything you have done for him.”

At the beginning of the year Houmpheng underwent back surgery and developed a severe septic infection from a perforation to his small intestine that led to shortness of breath, chest and abdominal pain, acute swelling of his arms and legs and kidney failure.

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“Thank you for all you did for her.”

Karen is a two-time heart transplant recipient who developed complications after her second transplantation and remained in the ICU for several months, dependent on a ventilator and dialysis due to respiratory and kidney failure.

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“This was a long journey.”

Kay had endured a long waiting period for a heart transplant as her birth heart was failing. When she was finally able to have the transplant performed at the beginning of the year, she unfortunately developed multi-organ failure and numerous complications, including acute respiratory failure.

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“When I first came to Kindred I could hardly reach my head.”

Hillary was admitted to Kindred Hospital Dallas Central for respiratory therapy so she could be weaned from the ventilator. She also had pressure wounds from prolonged bed rest, was extremely weak and malnourished, and was completing a course of IV antibiotics to treat her pneumonia.

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Overcame respiratory failure to be able to return home.

Donna was admitted to a general hospital when she developed shortness of breath that progressively became worse.

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“The staff here are very, very good and nursing was amazing.”

Julian has been battling with cancer since he was diagnosed many years ago and most recently underwent a major treatment, which unfortunately caused him to have a cardiac arrest that led to respiratory failure.

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