Transitional Care Hospitals
Transitional Care Hospitals

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“I look forward to getting back home.”

When he wasn’t working, Peter loved being outside, spending time with his grandchildren, and the occasional golf outing, until he started having shortness of breath, nausea and chills. He was admitted to a general hospital and diagnosed with COVID-19.

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“I’m looking forward to getting back home.”

Floyd experienced some setbacks in his journey to recovery that began when the big toe on his right foot became infected and he had to have wound care provided.

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“At the beginning I needed encouragement.”

David lives at home with his wife and enjoyed spending time with his family, cooking, and collecting movies. After a period of decline in his physical well-being and when he started to become confused, his wife took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed to be suffering from several complications, including acute metabolic encephalopathy and an infection.

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