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Transitional Care Hospitals

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Knew She was in Great Hands.

Edna lived in a nursing home, and when she was found experiencing seizure-like activity she was rushed to the hospital. Physicians were unable to determine what caused the onset of the seizures and she started to receive medication and supplemental oxygen through a Bi-PAP device. Edna was then transferred to Kindred Hospital New Jersey – Wayne to receive respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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“Kindred and the great people there helped to ease me back into the general world.”

Clifton is a retired veteran and professor whose hobbies include learning more about his heritage, writing and following politics. Although he is a below-the-knee amputee, Clifton lives independently and enjoyed participating in the activities of normal life until he began experiencing severe swelling throughout his body and feeling extremely weak. At the hospital he was diagnosed with acute chronic kidney disease and heart failure and he began treatment with medication to stabilize his condition.

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