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Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


“I loved my experience at Kindred.”

Robert, 80, was living life to his fullest before having difficulties breathing. He visited a local hospital where he was diagnosed with respiratory failure due to having COVID-19 and pneumonia.

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“Faith heals all.”

Victor has been battling advanced cancer and he recently began having difficulty breathing. He was admitted to a general hospital where he was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure and dangerously low oxygen levels that were affecting all of his organs.

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“I am grateful for the care I received while at Kindred.”

Melissa was transferred to Kindred Hospital El Paso after being hospitalized at an acute care facility when she developed respiratory problems and was diagnosed with COVID- 19.

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“I appreciate that everyone pushed me to get better, and because of my team I was able to go home again.”

Before he began to have difficulty breathing, Kiengsak was independent and active. He was admitted to a general hospital due to acute shortness of breath and was diagnosed with COVID-19 and tuberculosis.

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“You guys have been fantastic – thank you for everything!”

Jacob was admitted to a general hospital for arterial stent surgery and had to be placed on a ventilator when he developed respiratory failure.

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“I am grateful to my therapists for helping me achieve my goals.”

Luis was hospitalized after he began to develop difficulty breathing and felt progressively weaker.

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I always looked forward to going to my therapy sessions!”

“I was active in my community, living and loving life until I began to have trouble breathing,” Rafael recalled.

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“I really don’t want to leave – I love you guys!”

Melissa was transferred to Kindred Hospital El Paso after undergoing delicate spinal surgery that led to acute respiratory failure.

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A Rapid Recovery

Ramon was admitted to a general hospital for emergency treatment of a subdural hematoma – a very serious medical condition in which a blood vessel in the brain is ruptured and can lead to death.

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Improving Every Day

Billy, 49, was admitted to our facility with a diagnosis of respiratory failure. He had an extra large tracheotomy requiring continuous management of a high-concentration ventilator.

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Praise For “Emotional, Uplifting Care”

Before she came to Kindred, Laura thought she’d never walk again.

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