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Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


“My therapists and nurses were all very responsive to my needs.”

Keith suffered a stroke and had to be airlifted from his home to an acute care facility for emergency care.

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“I appreciate everyone’s care and help.”

Paul is a single father of three boys who loved to play and coach baseball with them until he developed respiratory failure and had to be hospitalized.

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“I am very thankful to everyone at Kindred for all of their hard work and help.”

Ingrid lived independently and enjoyed dancing with her friends until she had to be hospitalized due to acute chest pain.

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“I knew I was going to be able to achieve my goals with the time and opportunity.”

Carlos was healthy and active, and in addition to working for the city of Houston he cared for his mother until he became sick with COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized for shortness of breath. His condition rapidly worsened and he had to be placed on a ventilator when he suffered a cardiac arrest, kidney failure and infections.

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“I don’t remember arriving at Kindred, but once I started to recover I trusted my team.”

Before she began to feel ill, Lucia was active in her community and loved to travel to her native Colombia. She had to be admitted to a general hospital when she began to have difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia, septic shock and an infection.

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“I am especially thankful to my therapists, Gary and Maz.”

Luis owns his own construction business and was active and healthy until he contracted COVID-19 and had to be admitted to a general hospital.

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“Thanks to everyone who helped me achieve my goals at Kindred.”

Audra and her husband both developed symptoms of COVID-19; however, while Audra’s spouse recovered, her condition worsened and she had to be admitted to an acute care facility.

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After a near-fatal brain injury, Jason is headed back home.

Jason has faced several significant health challenges in the last year and was living independently until he suffered a brain hemorrhage and had to be rushed to the ER. After a stay at the acute care facility, and once he was stabilized, Jason was transferred to Kindred Hospital Houston Medical Center for respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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"I’m so grateful for the entire team at Kindred for making it possible for me to go home!”

Leroi and his wife, Krystal, had just celebrated their wedding anniversary when he began to feel ill. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 after he was admitted to the hospital. His health quickly took a downward turn and he had to be placed on a ventilator and started on IV antibiotic therapy. His lungs were so severely compromised by the virus that he required direct blood oxygenation therapy, but fortunately his physicians were able to stabilize his condition and Leroi was then transferred to Kindred Hospital Houston Medical Center.

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“I am grateful to everyone who cared for me.”

Nancy was on vacation with her husband, and after a week of experiencing worsening symptoms that included a fever, malaise and confusion, she was admitted to an acute care hospital. She was found to have a severe bacterial infection and a cardiac condition that required her to have heart valve replacement surgery.

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A journey to recovery was aided by a dedicated team at Kindred.

Priscilla came to Kindred Hospital Houston Medical Center after a long and complicated series of medical events that led to her needing a double lung transplant. When she was admitted, Priscilla was unable to move or do anything on her own, requiring complete assistance from her caregivers for all her needs.

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“If you really want to get better you have to put in the effort.”

Christina had to go to the hospital when she became extremely ill. Doctors diagnosed her to be in advanced stages of end-stage liver failure and she was immediately placed on the transplant list. She was fortunate to be paired with a donor organ not long after her diagnosis and she underwent a liver transplant. Although the procedure went as planned, Christina developed respiratory failure after the operation and had to be placed on a ventilator and given a feeding tube.

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Dr. Moore

Recovery from COVID

Dr. Moore, a Houston plastic surgeon, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and admitted to a short-term hospital.

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"I can't believe how far I've come along."

Michael worked as a pharmacist until he was forced to retire due to declining health. He lived at home with his wife and was independent with activities of daily living and mobility until the day his spouse found him unresponsive on the floor and called 911.

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