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Success Stories


“I am truly thankful for the journey I had to take and the meaning behind it.”

Michelle lived an active lifestyle, sang in her church choir, and spent time caring for other people of all ages until she began feeling unwell and went to the ER.

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Donald S.

“Kindred Indianapolis North is the best!”

“Kindred Indianapolis North is the best!” Donald has his own lawn care business and loves to listen to music. Earlier this year he began to experience difficulty breathing and went to the ER where he was told it was nothing serious and prescribed medication before being released to return home.

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“I’m thankful for air!”

Jerry was transferred to Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North after admission to an acute care facility for respiratory failure and complications from COVID-19.

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“I love you all!”

Susan was due to get an antibody infusion with her husband to guard against COVID, but on the day she was scheduled to receive it she began to have trouble walking and was suddenly breathless after taking a few steps.

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“What I’ve experienced here is amazing grace.”

Beverly was found in distress by her home health aide on a routine visit – she was out of breath, coughing and in a state of confusion. She was taken to the hospital and found to have COVID-19 and abnormally low levels of oxygen in her blood.

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“Thank you all for a job well done!”

Brad and his wife both contracted COVID-19 at the same time and had to be hospitalized in late January.

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“I beat COVID!”

Steve is an avid gardener and hiker who loves to visit national parks and is devoted to his grandchildren, volunteering for the little league and supporting them in after-school activities.

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Linda V.

“The Staff has Been Very Nurturing and Caring.”

Linda has been passionate about art all her life and taught at Purdue University for 29 years. Although she loves all of the different disciplines she is most fond of sculpture and is an accomplished sculptor who was commissioned by another major university to debut an original piece in the fall of this year.

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Thankful for Being Alive

Margaret lives at home and loves to dote on her grandchildren, cook, bake and decorate cakes. When she developed persistent pain in her abdomen that progressively grew worse she finally went to the hospital at the insistence of her family where she was diagnosed to be suffering from a severe infection caused by flesh-eating bacteria.

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Steady Progress Toward Recovery

Jo came to Kindred for advanced wound treatment after being admitted to a general hospital. Her wounds were very severe and the infections she had were highly acute, yet despite the treatment she was receiving at another facility she was not making sufficient progress. Unfortunately, her infections had taken a toll on her right foot and Jo had to have her right toe amputated to facilitate her recovery.

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