Transitional Care Hospitals
Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


“I am looking forward to being able to get back to being myself.”

Jeff kept himself busy working on cars and spending time with his family until he suddenly developed severe chest pain and was rushed to the ER. Physicians determined he had a ruptured aorta and performed emergency surgery.

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“I Can’t Give my Occupational and Physical Therapists Enough Praise.”

Jared underwent the placement of a pacemaker that unfortunately led to serious complications, including complete heart blockage caused by an autoimmune response that also affected his kidneys. He required dialysis and began to recover with diligent care from his medical team.

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“The Staff has Been Super Friendly.”

Janet had to be hospitalized due to a massive allergic reaction that brought about severe swelling in her neck and face that caused her airway to be severely obstructed. She had to be placed on a ventilator and began to receive treatment to manage her complex medical needs. After her doctors had successfully stabilized her condition, she was transferred to Kindred Hospital Indianapolis Central to receive respiratory therapy and ongoing medical management as well as rehabilitation.

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Looking Forward to the Future

When Clark was admitted to Kindred Hospital, he was extremely weak and needed maximum assistance for all his daily needs and mobility. He was also very confused as he had suffered severe injury to his brain and he was unable to comprehend basic commands or the seriousness of his condition.

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