Transitional Care Hospitals
Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


“Thank God we found Kindred.”

When 22-year-old Cayden experienced extensive brain damage, his parents were told that the outlook was bleak.

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“I had a very good stay here at Kindred.”

Before she had to be hospitalized for respiratory failure, severe confusion and hallucinations, Emily was a volunteer at a food pantry and also assisted seniors.

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“I am thankful to so many people at Kindred for the care you gave me!”

After Katie’s sore throat became worse and she began to have trouble breathing she was admitted to an acute care hospital and diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Determined to Heal and be Able to Return Home

Eydie and her son own and operate a German roasted nut company with several locations in the Louisville area. When she started developing abdominal pains that progressively became worse and a fever that rose quickly she went to the hospital and had to undergo several gastrointestinal surgeries.

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Back Home With His Family

Walter was rushed to a general hospital suffering from a heart attack and had to have emergency coronary bypass surgery. Unfortunately, his ordeal wasn't yet over as he suffered from complications after the surgery and had to have a tracheostomy placed to assist his breathing with a ventilator.

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Looking Forward to Living Her Life Again

Amanda was admitted to Kindred Hospital after a long stay at a general hospital where she was being treated for neurological and endocrine complications.

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Back Home After Facing a Near Death Experience

Darryl is a husband, father and farmer. Just weeks before his admission to the hospital, he was cutting enough firewood to get his family through most of the winter and bush-hogging 30 acres of land.

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