Patient Experience

We keep you and your family at the heart of what we do!

Not only is our clinical approach patient-centered, but so is everything else about you and your loved one’s experience while you’re with us. At Kindred, we feel that we must provide a patient experience that is second to none.

We welcome your feedback so we can better meet your needs, so please reach out to any of our team members when you need us. Your voice is a critical part of our effort to provide the best experience possible. 

Throughout the year, we survey our patients to find out, from their eyes, how we are caring for them. Last year, from January to September, we heard some pretty positive responses!

94% of our patients said they would recommend Kindred Hospital North Florida.

96% of the time, patients felt our nurses explained things understandably.

95% of the time, patients felt their pain was well controlled.

90% of the time, patients felt our staff was responsive to their calls.

96% of the time, patients felt our staff did everything they could to help with their pain

97% of the time, patients felt our doctors explained things understandably.

97% of the time, patients felt their rooms and bathrooms were adequately clean.

During your stay at Kindred Hospital North Florida, you should feel confident in the quality of care you are receiving. We strive to outperformance national benchmarks of key quality indicators, giving you the greatest chances to recover to the fullest extent possible.

Pressure Ulcers*
Kindred Hospital North Florida = 0
Benchmark = 2.27%

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections*
Kindred Hospital North Florida = .67
Benchmark = 1.71

Line-Related Blood Stream Infection
Kindred Hospital North Florida = 1.53
Benchmark 2017 = 1.59
(rates per 1,000 device days)

*Pulled from CMS website, up through 1st Quarter 2017.