Transitional Care Hospitals
Transitional Care Hospitals

Success Stories


“Thank you to all my caregivers for everything you did for me.”

Claudia was admitted to an acute care facility when she was diagnosed with type-A flu and pneumonia brought on by a severe bacterial infection.

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“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

David was admitted from a general hospital to Kindred Hospital San Antonio on vent due to an acute respiratory failure while at home. During his admission he was quickly evaluated by the care team and a strategic care plan was established to ensure a successful recovery.

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“Thank you for getting me back on my feet and home with family.”

Christopher was admitted to the emergency room when he suffered from a severe respiratory failure. After spending several weeks at the local hospital, his condition stabilized and he was transferred to Kindred Hospital San Antonio for additional respiratory care and rehab. Upon admission Christopher was still on the ventilator and placed in the high observation unit. During the admission process the care team established a strategic care plan to ensure a successful and speedy recovery.

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“I love all of you.”

Lupe came to Kindred Hospital San Antonio after being hospitalized for COVID-19. Physicians at the facility had successfully stabilized her condition and Lupe now needed respiratory therapy and rehabilitation in order to continue her recovery and return home with her family.

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“I just have to say to everyone – great job!”

Sonya is an eighth grade English teacher who began to have severe gastro-intestinal trouble earlier in the year. She had to be admitted to a general hospital after developing an abnormally high fever that led to respiratory failure.

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“We have been very happy here and are a little sad to be leaving.”

Hector was out for a walk in the park with his wife when he suddenly collapsed to the ground as he went into cardiac arrest.

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“I am so happy to have come so far.”

Charles was admitted to a general hospital when he began experiencing extreme difficulty breathing. He was diagnosed with an advanced case of pneumonia that quickly led to acute respiratory failure and physicians had to place Charles on a ventilator to support his failing lungs.

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