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Healthcare Made Easy

Transparency in Health Care

The Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) serves as a not-for-profit membership association of hospitals (federal and state), rehabilitation centers and psychiatric care facilities in Missouri, aimed to provide an environment that enables members to improve the health of their patients and communities. The Association has been collecting and publishing data for years to arm consumers with information while making their healthcare decisions. Their “Focus on Hospitals” website allows you to search their database and review data related to Quality, Pricing and Community Investment for locations all across Missouri, including our Kindred Hospitals. Explore for yourself at

Financial Matters

An estimated cost is based on the information entered and assumptions about typical utilization and costs. The actual amount billed to you may be different from the estimate of costs provided to you. You may request a more personalized estimate of hospital charges or any other information you may need by submitting a written request to:

Kindred Hospital St. Louis South
10018 Kennerly Road 3rd Floor Hyland Building B
St. Louis, MO 63128

Many factors affect the actual bill you will receive, and any estimate of costs does not account for all of them. Additionally, any estimate of costs is not a guarantee of insurance coverage. You will be billed at the health care provider's charge for any service provided to you that is not a covered benefit under your plan. Please check with your insurance company to receive an estimate of the amount you will owe under your plan or if you need help understanding your benefits for the service chosen.