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Success Stories


Rosa's journey to recovery was not without its challenges.

Rosa faced a daunting challenge when she arrived at Kindred Hospital Arlington.

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Nancy's determination and motivation to regain her independence played a crucial role in her progress.

Nancy's journey began when she started experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath, which prompted her to seek medical attention at a general hospital in Arlington.

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James embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery after facing complications from hip surgery.

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Juan's journey from the general hospital in Dallas to Kindred Hospital Arlington was marked by a severe motor vehicle accident that resulted in respiratory failure and subsequent complications.

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“Thank you Kindred Arlington!”

Teresa had to be admitted to a general hospital when she experienced diabetic complications. When she began to receive treatment she had an acute heart attack that caused respiratory failure and she had to be placed on a ventilator. She remained at the facility until she was able to be taken off the ventilator and transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Arlington.

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“Thank you all very much for your care, love and your dedication.”

Hang had COVID-19 twice previously and as a result developed heart and respiratory failure that caused her to lose her appetite and she had to be admitted to a general hospital. Hang was placed on a ventilator and started IV antibiotic treatments for pneumonia and began to receive dietary care due to severe malnutrition.

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“Everyone took such good care of me and were so supportive, thank you!”

Natalie was transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Arlington after a stay at an acute care facility where she underwent several procedures to treat complex medical issues as well as respiratory failure, which required her to be placed on a ventilator. When she was admitted to Kindred, Natalie had been weaned from the vent but still had the breathing tube in place and was extremely weak, requiring maximum assistance from her caregivers.

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“I am happy to be able to continue with my recovery and return home to my family.”

Before he began to have difficulty breathing and had to be admitted to a hospital, Joshua worked as a manager and lived at home with his wife and children. He was found to have COVID-19 and started on medication and high-flow oxygen. He remained at the facility until he could be transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Arlington for respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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“I am so happy to be well and going home, thank you!”

When Leonor began to experience an acute fever, accompanied by chills and pain, she was admitted to a general hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia, sepsis, and enlargement of her brain that was leading to seizures. She was started on IV antibiotic and antimicrobial therapy and then transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Arlington when she had been stabilized.

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Sgt. Vicente

“If not for Kindred I don’t think I’d be where I am now.”

Police Sgt. Vicente Remediz experienced a severe case of COVID-19 early in the pandemic that led to multiple organ failure and over two months in an ICU.

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