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Success Stories

Sgt. Vicente

“If not for Kindred I don’t think I’d be where I am now.”

Police Sgt. Vicente Remediz experienced a severe case of COVID-19 early in the pandemic that led to multiple organ failure and over two months in an ICU.

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“I am doing so much better now – thank you.”

Pamela had to be admitted to an acute care facility when she began to have difficulty breathing. Diagnosed with COVID-19, she developed respiratory failure and had to be placed on high-flow oxygen.

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“I want to rope a steer!”

Billy was admitted to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Arlington after undergoing extensive abdominal surgery for a hernia and obstruction.

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“You guys are the best!”

Bao was admitted to Kindred Hospital Arlington after an extended stay at a general hospital for complications from COVID-19 that also caused a cardiac arrest and swelling of the brain. He was still dependent on the ventilator and extremely weak from his illness.

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“Thank you for all the kindness and care you gave me.”

When Donald had a cardiac arrest at home, his wife started CPR until paramedics came and rushed him to the ER where he had another cardiac arrest.

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“Everyone has been so wonderful.”

When Ernest began to experience severe shortness of breath he was admitted to an acute care facility.

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“I am grateful for life and the entire team at Kindred.”

James is retired and lives at home with his wife, where they both enjoy time spent together and with their family. When James’ health took a serious turn for the worse he had to be hospitalized and it was then he was diagnosed with COVID-19. He was treated at the general hospital where he had been admitted until he was able to be transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Arlington to continue his recovery and begin rehabilitation.

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“I can tell you from my experience that people need to take this disease very seriously.”

Vicente is a 29-year veteran of the DFW police force and he began to experience a worsening fever, headaches and flu-like symptoms that led him to be hospitalized with COVID-19. His condition quickly deteriorated and he experienced multiple organ failures, requiring a ventilator, dialysis and aggressive ICU care during the two months he remained at the general facility.

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“I have something great to say about everybody here.”

When Matthew began to feel sharp pains in his chest he went to the hospital and was rushed into the ER as he was having a heart attack. Physicians had to perform CPR and placed him on a ventilator when his breathing became compromised by respiratory failure. At the time his prognosis was not very good as he was showing minimal brain activity, had developed kidney failure, required dialysis and was not responsive. Matthew remained at the short-term until he was able to be transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Arlington.

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“My wife’s respiratory and nursing care was above excellent.”

Judith worked as a hospice supervisor and enjoyed painting and framing artwork. When she began experiencing pelvic pain she was found to need a surgical procedure. Although the surgery went well, during the early part of her recovery she was unable to be weaned from mechanical ventilation and the decision was made to transfer Judith to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Arlington for respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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“When this all started I was near death.”

Angel loved spending time with family, working around the house and doing yardwork until he began to experience shortness of breath that progressively became worse. He began to lose his voice and went to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator to support his failing lungs. He also began to receive treatment for his condition.

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