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Understanding MACRA: Your Quick Reference Guides

By Kindred Healthcare

If you aren’t ready for the impact of MACRA, now is the time to prepare. Even though the CMS released the final rule on MACRA implementation in 2016, and the first performance period under MACRA began in January 2017, there still seems to be a lot of confusion as to what it actually is.

Take a look at the three resources we’ve pulled together below from various leading healthcare firms to further your knowledge about this legislation.

Cheat Sheet - Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA)

  • How it impacts every physician
  • Two new payment tracks
  • Financial implications
  • Key dates


Download the Medicare Access PDF

5 Things Everyone Should
Know About MACRA

  • Why it is here to stay
  • How MIPs impacts pay
  • Why population health is no longer optional
  • Why team performance is key
  • How public reporting is changing

5 things everyone should know about macra

Download the MACRA PDF

By Kindred Healthcare