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Reducing Readmissions: Enhance Your Information Exchange Across Care Settings

By Rob Wileman, VP IT Enterprise Architectures & Analytics

Errors during the exchange of patient information between acute and post-acute settings often lead to higher patient and family dissatisfaction, an increased risk of readmission and higher costs of care. Due to the lack of electronic medical record adoption and overall system limitations to meet the needs of complex patients, providers must consider all options to improve acute to post-acute information exchange.

The graphic below can be helpful in identifying quick and easy to implement solutions to improve the exchange of patient information. Also learn about the role of technology in monitoring patients once they are home and discover best practices for daily use. 

Advisory Broad Acute Post-Acute Information Exchange

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At Kindred, we have deployed standardized clinical systems across more than 95% of our care settings. These industry leading post-acute care electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical systems are tailored to support our clinicians and clinical programs across each level of care we provide.

To share information with community Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), providers and our partners, we employ innovative solutions, including:

  • Electronic care summaries using the secure Health IT email technology
  • Exchanging clinical data using standards-based electronic messaging

We have also extended patient monitoring into the home, deploying pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs and electronic scales in support of our Home Health Cardio Program. This successful program is monitored 24/7 by Registered Nurses and has allowed us to gather accurate and timely data for patients at home.    

To discuss more ways to enhance your information exchange practices or what Kindred is doing to improve our own techniques, feel free to Contact Us.

By Rob Wileman, VP IT Enterprise Architectures & Analytics